5 Ways to Save Money While on Vacation

April 18, 2018

5 Ways to Save Money While on Vacation

We all love vacationing, but sometimes it can be expensive. With the lodging, transportation, and meal costs adding up, it can feel hard to justify a vacation. Thankfully, Minnesota Northwoods member resorts offer affordable options for your perfect vacation! And to help you save even more money, here are some suggestions on how to save extra money while on vacation.

  1. Do the FREE stuff
    In the Minnesota Northwoods, we have activities for all ages. Visit our activities page to see some of our great FREE activities you and your family can do! Some free activities you can do at Minnesota Northwoods are:
    • Go to a street fair, local concert, or one of our many cultural events
    • Watch our famous sunsets and sunrises
    • Bike or walk our many beautiful trails that are around the area
    • Go to one of the many parks in the area
    • Hike in the woods and experience Itasca State Park
    • Experience Bemidji State Park’s unique Bog Walk
  2. Use Coupons
    There are plenty of coupons available for all different types of attractions around the Minnesota Northwoods. You can find coupons on tourist booklets and brochures, supermarket receipts, websites, and mobile apps.
  3. Don’t go out for dinner
    You will save money by not eating out. But if you really want to, eat out for breakfast, lunch, or brunch as dinner is the more expensive meal. And our resorts have great and spacious places to host your own barbecues for dinner.
  4. Talk to the locals
    Local people, including your resort hosts, know the ins and outs of the area. The best places to go while on a budget, the best places to visit, and the smaller secret places in the area that are filled with fun. Talking to a local will easily give you more information about the area that can help you save money.
  5. Sign up for newsletters
    Newsletters are a great source of information on last minute deals and special offers. One of the best ways to save money on vacation is cutting down on your expenses.

It’s easy to save when on a vacation, and by being proactive you can save money! If you are looking for a memorable family or fishing vacation that won’t break the bank, we encourage you to check out our members resorts today.

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