A Passion for Nature and the Great Outdoors

August 2, 2017

A Passion for Nature and the Great Outdoors

The Minnesota Northwoods are a nature lover’s paradise. The woods around the area are just brimming with wildlife. With the many trails in and around Bemidji, Blackduck, and Cass Lake all you have to do is hop on one and you’ll see the most beautiful scenery.


Paul Bunyan Trail: A paved hiking trail that starts at Lake Bemidji State park stretching for 123 miles to Crow Wing State Park in Brainerd, MN. The trail intersects with Heartland State trail and connects with the Blue Ox trail. During your walk you can see boreal forests, meadows with wildflowers, more than 20 lakes and 10 rivers/streams and wildlife.

Bog Boardwalk: The bog boardwalk located in Lake Bemidji State Park is a natural botanical wetland preserve that is ¼ of a mile long.

Big Bog: A mile long walk in Waskish, MN. The trail is teeming with unique plant and animal life, along with flowers and birds.

East-West Trail: 2.45 miles of abandoned railroad in Bemidji that connects to the Paul Bunyan State Trail.

Bemidji Wellness Walks:
  • Lunchbox Walk - 1.5 miles.
  • Downtown Loop - 2 miles.
  • Diamond Point Challenge - 5k.

Chippewa National Forest: There are 26 non-motorized trails that total 298 miles, with a 68 mile portion of the North Country Trail that spreads from New York to North Dakota.

Blue Ox Trail: Multi-use trail that accommodates hikers, bikers, and ATV’s. 100 miles from Lake Bemidji State Park to International Falls the trail connects to Paul Bunyan State Trail at Lake Bemidji State Park.

City of Blackduck Trail: 2.25 mile loop that begins at the Wayside Rest Park.

Lost 40: Acres and acres of natural woods with 300 year old pine trees and an expanse 90 species of birds. The forest contains a one mile trail you can hike.

Circle T Trail: 39.5 mile loop in Cass Lake. The trail loops around several lakes through bogs and forested lands.

Circle L Trail: 10 mile trail that follows an abandoned logging railroad. The Circle L Trail passes through George Washington State Forest and serves as a connector between Circle T Trail and the Herb Brainstorm Trail.

Heartland State Trail: 50 mile trail that connects Cass Lake to Park Rapids filled with lakes and rivers, forests and wildlife. The trail connects to the Paul Bunyan State Trail.

Shingobee Connection Trail: 6.8 mile link between Paul Bunyan State Trail and Heartland State Trail. It travels through the Chippewa National Forest where you can see plenty of birds and wildlife.

Soo Line Trail: Northern Route: 148 miles through forest and bog between Moose Lake and Cass Lake. The trail is popular for ATVs.

Itasca State Park: A variety of walking trails sums up to 49 miles at Itasca State Park. There is also a 16 mile biking trail, but it shares 10 miles with the Wilderness Drive, which allows automobiles. The Wilderness Drive is a 10 mile drive through the winding trees at Itasca State Park. Along the drive you will see lakes and wildlife and you can stop at the fire tower and other check points along the way.

Walking any of these nearby trails will allow you to experience nature like you never have before. You’ll be in the heart of nature in the great outdoors. You’ll get to enjoy the sights of forests, lakes, rivers, flowers, plants, and various species of wildlife and birds.

Check out any one of these trails during your vacation at Minnesota Northwoods Resort.

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