Building a Sandcastle with Kids

May 30, 2018

Building a Sandcastle with Kids

Building a sandcastle with your children could be frustrating, but always very rewarding at the end. Building a sandcastle requires creativity, teamwork, and a few tools.

All you need is

  • Multiple spade/ Lightweight shovels
  • 2 or more buckets
  • Sand
  • Water

And if you want to you can bring

  • Paintbrush
  • Straws
  • Butter knife

Once you have all of your supplies you need to brainstorm different ideas for your castle. To keep every child happy, try to use every idea they imagine, to a certain degree. Common ideas children think of are moats, towers, a flag, windows, or a working door. Each one is possible depending on what you have available to use for decorating.

After your brainstorming session it’s time to head out! Once you arrive to the beach you will want to map out your castle location. Over estimate the area you will need that way you won’t run out of space as your sandcastle comes to life. Once you draw the outline of your castle, pour water on that area and pat it down until it is flat. When the area is flat you are ready to build! Grab sand that you can squeeze and holds a shape. This is the type of sand you are going to want to use to build your awesome sandcastle.

When you have shaped out your sandcastle, you can go back in and add more details and design. Find some twigs, leaves, rocks, shells, or anything else to spruce up your castle. For more detail you can use a butter knife, paint brush, or a straw to add windows, texture, or stairs to your castle.

Now that you’ve added the finishing touches to your castle, take a photo and play with it! You can continue to add to your castle or you can invite other people at the beach to enjoy the castle too. To experience a great time building sandcastles with your family and more, come to Minnesota Northwoods to see all of the great opportunities we have for you and your family.


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