Deer Camp

November 8, 2017

Deer Camp

Deer Camp. That phrase has been brought up in nearly every household, gas station, or grocery store in the Midwest at least once. This time of year in particular has many people anxious to get back out to deer camp to experience the tradition, the stories, and good food that usually ensues. Deer camp is not just for hunters, it's for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

For the Minnesota Northwoods, it's deep in our roots as our resorts have been hosting deer hunters for many generations. Our cabins provide that perfect opportunity to shut off the cell phones, email notifications, and forget about whatever is waiting to be done back at work. There are few places left where you can relax in solitude while listening to the crackle of an outdoor campfire and the howling of wolves. At the MN Northwoods Resorts, you can experience it first hand.

The deep tradition and memories that span back generations keep our young families coming back year after year. It’s these great experiences with families and kids that help preserve the deer camp tradition, and continue the sport of deer hunting across our great state.

For those of you who take to the field in search of deer, our cabins provide the perfect camp to warm your bones at night and share your tall tales with your hunting partners. Thousands of acres of county, state, and federal public lands are waiting to be explored in our area. The deer populations have increased this year, and we currently have a skiff of snow on the ground which will make for great hunt. Our local hunting region (Zone 1) is open until November 19th for rifle hunters, so get your license, blaze orange, and come up north to start your own tradition.

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