Epic Fall Mountain Biking at the Movil Maze

October 11, 2017

Epic Fall Mountain Biking at the Movil Maze

Attention to all biking enthusiasts! Do you enjoy scenic views, epic trails, quick descents, and natural obstacles on your biking paths? Then you will enjoy the diverse biking trails that the Movil Maze has to offer!

5 trails totaling up to a great 6-7 mile bike ride and 178 acres of scenic woods made for mountain bikers, you can get your exercise while having a blast! Bring friends or enjoy the ride by yourself, you are destined to have a great time.

Wood drops on trail 1, bobsled style sections on trail 2, rooty sections to give you a challenge on trail 3, scenic areas on trail 4, and gravel pits on trail 5. Movil Maze has something for everyone! Leisure biking or adrenaline junkie or not sure? Find out your style with our MN Northwoods Travel Style Quiz. Whatever your style of cycling is, you won't regret checking out the Movil Maze when staying at the MN Northwoods this fall.

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