Fall Fishing Strategies

September 6, 2017

Fall Fishing Strategies

Autumn is a special time to be out fishing in northern Minnesota. The days are shorter, the air is crisper, and the leaves are changing. You can feel winter right around the corner and you cherish these last couple months of being on open water before the lakes start to freeze. But just as the seasons change, fish patterns change. As an angler, you may need to alter your fishing strategy to continue reeling in those fish.

As water temperatures drop, fish begin to move to different areas of the lake. Fishing is just as fun in the fall as it is in the summer, if you know where to look for the fish.

To find walleye in the fall, you will want to look for big flats or bars with sharp drop offs instead of the gradual ones you look for in the summer. You might even find some northern pike or perch in these areas as well. Perch like to hang out in schools together, so If you do catch a perch, hang out for a bit because you might catch a few more.

Crappies are active in the fall. You’ll find them in schools in deeper water off of humps and deep water drop-offs. Using up to a ⅛ jig with a crappie minnow at the end will almost guarantee you a catch if you find them.

The Minnesota Northwoods resorts are located on excellent fishing lakes. Plan your fall fishing trip and get out on the water one more time before winter hits.

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