Fall Fishing Tips

September 12, 2018

Fall Fishing Tips

Just as our routines and lives adjust to the cooling temperatures, so do those of fish. Different fish prefer cooler temperatures rather than the warm waters of summer. Those fish tend to stick to the bottom of the lake during those warmer months.

As fish become more active in the fall as they look for food to fatten up for the winter months, the best time of day to fish is the evening or even at night with a surface lure or shallow-running crankbait. The water tends to be clearer, so it is easier to spook the fish. During the day you’ll want to stick to fishing deeper waters. Lakes like Lake Bemidji have what’s known as a thermocline, which causes the fish to go deeper in the lake in the fall.

Although fall fishing can be good, make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut. Change up your bait and how you’re fishing. And, if that doesn’t work, move around the lake. It will help you get more fish.

The experts at our area resorts can also give you great advice for the specific lake you will be fishing.

Discover what lakes we have here in the Minnesota Northwoods and plan your next fall fishing trip!

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