Gear Up for Duck Hunting

October 5, 2017

Gear Up for Duck Hunting

It’s that time of the year again where it seems like everywhere you look in the sky you will inevitably see birds flying in a perfect arrow. As our feathery friends head south for the winter we get one last chance to say goodbye until the spring. But before you pick up your gun and start shooting, take a look at our duck hunting tips so you can enjoy one of Minnesota’s favorite outdoor pastimes.

Be social
Duck hunting is a great time but even better when you have friends with to enjoy the experience. Duck hunting is known to be a very social sport unlike most other types of hunting. You can learn new techniques from each other and have company while you are in the marsh.

Gear up
There are many different types of clothing, guns, and other objects you can bring duck hunting. However the most essential are:

  • License/Permit
    The most important part of hunting is that it is legally done. Don’t have a license or a permit? No problem! Check out the DNR’s site for licensing.
  • Camouflage Coat
    It’s important to make sure that your clothes and blinds match your surroundings. Ducks are not dumb and they will be able to tell if your coat and blinds are brown in an area that is mostly green.
  • Waders
    Ducks live on the water so it is essential to prepare for the wet conditions. If you plan on hunting from the shore without a dog or a boat to retrieve your downed birds, then waders are a great choice.
  • Decoys
    If you are trying to hunt Waterfowl then make sure your decoys look realistic. A huge part to success in duck hunting is the amount and formation of decoys you use. Try scattered groups of decoys in early season to mimick family groups, and larger rafts later in the season to attract migrating flocks.
  • Guns & Shells
    A hunter's best friend is their gun! A standard gun to use is a 12 gauge with 3 inch steel shells.
  • Duck Calls
    Over using a duck call is a common mistake people do. Trying to do fancy duck calls to attract them may work, but in all honesty it is all about when to use the duck call not how to use it.

Perfect Spot
The perfect spot can be the determining factor of coming home with the bag limit or showing up with nothing to cook. MN Northwoods has diverse hunting areas that include large lakes, shallow lakes, wild rice lakes, reservoirs and rivers, potholes, bottomland and beaver ponds. With many options of hunting areas, we can deliver the ultimate grand passage that will make you want to come again.

Once you’ve got your ducks in a row, make sure to check out Minnesota Northwoods resorts to ensure you find your perfect fit for this duck hunting season!

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