Get Your Kids to Reconnect with Nature in Minnesota Northwoods

March 1, 2017

Get Your Kids to Reconnect with Nature in Minnesota Northwoods

No matter what age your children are, there’s one struggle plenty of parents have in common:

How do I get my children to unplug from their electronic devices?

As a collaboration of resorts in Minnesota, we have a solution for you! Plan a family vacation in Minnesota Northwoods and watch your kids develop a love for nature (and each other) that you never knew existed. Several of our resorts have wi-fi available in designated areas, and some don’t. Guests constantly tell us they love being able to really disconnect from the world during their northern Minnesota getaway.

You might be met with resistance from your kids when you initially ask them to turn in their phones or tablets for the week. After a day in the pristine beauty of Minnesota’s great outdoors, they might just hand them over willingly! Regardless, we think you’ll be amazed to see your kids thrive in this new, natural atmosphere.

Initiate a Friendly Competition

Nothing brings out the primal nature in kids than a little friendly competition! Make a fun challenge to see who can catch the most panfish off the dock, or who can reel in the biggest walleye out of the fishing boat. You can be the referee to countless other fun, kid-friendly activities like swimming or paddleboat races in the lake (boats are available at all of our resorts). The winner gets to be the taste-testing judge for a s’mores making contest at your sunset campfire.

Get in Touch with Your Wild Side

Do loons and deer live only in fiction to your children? Plan to take a family hike or bike ride on one of the many popular nearby trails to get a closer look at area wildlife including bald eagles, whitetail deer, loons, fox, beavers, and more! In June and July you can often catch a glimpse of Minnesota’s beautiful wild orchids, yellow and pink lady’s slippers. The showy lady’s slipper is protected as Minnesota’s state flower, though, so make sure to exclude that one from any flower-picking competition you initiate!

Whatever the age of your children, Minnesota Northwoods has got you covered when it comes to planning your next family-friendly vacation. We suspect that when it’s time to pack up and head home, your kids will be begging you to stay! For more kid-friendly activities, read this article

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