How to Choose the Perfect Vacation Resort

March 8, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Vacation Resort

Choosing a cabin for a weekend getaway can be challenging. Minnesota Northwoods members want to help you with your decision. These are some of the questions people forget to ask about the resort when looking to find the perfect resort for their stay.

What’s around you?
Are you looking for more activities to do than what the resort offers? Do you have a family that may want to venture out into the nearby town or a hiking trail just up the road? Does the surrounding town/area have what you are looking at for in terms of extra entertainment?

Are you traveling with other people who you want cabins by, or are you looking for a secluded cabin? Do you want your cabin to be close to the resort resources or as far away from the pool as you can get?

Is the resort spacious enough?
How many people are you bringing to the resort? Is it large enough to entertain volleyball games, yard games, barbeques, or other types of activities that interest you? Is the swimming beach big enough for everyone? This is an important question that many people forget to ask before reserving a cabin at a resort.

What type of amenities and services are there?
Do you need your cabin to be wheelchair accessible? Do you want a hot tub or a pool and a swimming beach? Is there a playground for children to play at? Does the lodge have a restaurant, bar, or a game room? Minnesota Northwoods members have all different types of amenities including pools, beaches, supervised kids activities, air conditioning, internet, and other features available to make sure you have the perfect vacation.

Resort Policies and Rules?
Does the resort allow pets and if so what type of restrictions are there? Is there a campground curfew or quiet hours? Are jet skis allowed? Make sure to do research on the resorts and the policies they may have before selecting a resort.

Minnesota Northwoods has made it easy to see what resorts have what features. You can see what type of features each resort has by a simple checklist here. We want to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to select the right resort for you and your loved ones.

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