MN Northwoods Hunting Safety Tips

October 18, 2017

MN Northwoods Hunting Safety Tips

For around 500,000 hunters, Minnesota rifle hunting season is full of anticipation, preparation and reunions with friends and family.

With all the excitement that takes place during this season, we should all take a few moments to remind ourselves and our hunting groups of the basic safety rules. Whether you are alone or in a group, you will always be the CAPTAIN of your hunt.

Control the muzzle
• Always point your gun to the ground when you are not aiming at your target.

Assume every gun is loaded
• It's better to be safe than sorry!

Plan your target
• It's important to know what you are shooting and what is behind or by your target.

Trigger Finger Placement
• Always keep your trigger finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot at your target.

Make sure you are using the proper ammunition for each gun you are using. Different guns take different ammunition, before • loading your gun to take that perfect shot make sure that you have the correct ammunition.

Be Informed
• Map out where it is you and your group want to hunt and understand the layout of your place before hunting.

Never use alcohol and drugs
• Never be under the influence when dealing with a firearm

Take these hunting safety tips seriously and you can have a fun and safe hunting season. If you want to brush up on more advice for hunting safety check out the DNR safety site. From all of us at MN Northwoods enjoy the venison, duck, or grouse this season, be safe, and good luck hunting!

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