Northern Minnesota Resorts: Gull Lake & Three Island Lake

August 23, 2016

Northern Minnesota Resorts: Gull Lake & Three Island Lake


Where History Comes to Life

Not very deep into the Northwoods you’ll discover a bounty of wildlife and nature undisturbed by humans. The Minnesota Northwoods is especially unique in that it doesn’t take long to escape the sights and sounds of the city and step back in time. There are plenty of reminders of the natural beauty that drums up nostalgia with every breath of fresh, clean air.

If you’re a vacationer who also enjoys history, several historical attractions lie just off the beaten path, ready for you to discover when you head north of Bemidji on Hwy 71. Whether it’s hiking through the Lost 40, an old growth forest of pines estimated to be 300 years old, or visiting the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Rabideau, history truly comes alive once you escape the bustle of the town.

There are also a handful of Minnesota Northwoods resorts in that neck of the woods, which have built their reputation on the rich history of the land. Wood Haven Resort, Pike Point Resort and Eagle Ridge Resort each invoke their own sense of nostalgia upon arrival. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover when you book your vacation at one of these family friendly resorts.

Wood Haven Resort

wood haven resort fishing lake

Wood Haven Resort embraces not only the peaceful calm of being the only resort on Three Island Lake, but also the rich history of the scenic point where the resort was founded in 1947. In the late 1800s, the railroad leased the point from the government and began a logging and sawmill operation, sending large pine logs down the Turtle River (sunken log jams can still be seen). Wood Haven Resort is a celebrated “throwback” to old times fishing camp. While Wood Haven Resort’s claim to fame continues to be fishing, guests have been known to wander the woods foraging for wild mushrooms and chaga fungus to make medicinal tea.

Pike Point Resort

pike point resort traditional lodge

Pike Point Resort was established in 1923 and was the first resort on beautiful Gull Lake. The moment guests arrive on site, they are immediately transported back to a time when life was simple and void of modern day commotion. The original owners implemented an on-site sawmill from which they constructed the resort’s current cabins and lodge. The spacious lodge, which now serves as a gathering place for weekly fish fry potlucks, was constructed in 1939 and features original tables and chairs which were also handcrafted at the time. The lodge’s stone fireplace and exposed timber frame also serve as a reminder of the resort’s history.

Eagle Ridge Resort

eagle ridge resort gull lake

Eagle Ridge Resort is also located on Gull Lake and was founded in the 1920’s. Today you’ll find guests relaxing on the sandy beach, which was once the site of a popular dance hall in the resort’s early days. It is rumored that bootleggers may have used the resort as a remote retreat during prohibition. Now the waterfront is where Eagle Ridge guests swim, boat, fish, and try to catch a glimpse of the resident eagles’ nest. A pair of bald eagles, which gave the resort its current name, return year after year to raise their young. There are also over 70 other species of birds that have been documented at Eagle Ridge Resort.

So start planning your Minnesota Northwoods resort vacation and get ready to learn something new when history to comes alive!

Whether this is your first time up North or you're an annual visitor, Northwoods is a perfect Minnesota vacation spot to share nostalgic memories and create new tradition with your young ones. Want to learn more about the area? Download our FREE full-color Minnesota vacation guide.

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