Planning tips for traveling with toddlers

March 22, 2018

Planning tips for traveling with toddlers

Traveling and experiencing new places with your family can create great family memories at an early age. However, if you are not prepared to travel with younger children, it can quickly go from being the best weekend of their lives to a huge and unexpected headache. Traveling with kids can be challenging in every part of the process, which is why Minnesota Northwoods has come up with these tips for parents when traveling with little ones.

  1. Including your children from the beginning.
    Do some research on the area beforehand, and put together a list of fun activities which your toddler can choose to do. Including your child in the planning process will get your child excited for this new adventure, and it will also give them a voice in planning the vacation. In the Minnesota Northwoods there are plenty things to do around the area. Once you have determined what fun activities to do with your child, do your best to follow through with it.
  2. Make an ‘out the door checklist’.
    Before your vacation, make a list of everything you want to bring. Then before you leave your house on departure day, make sure you have every item. This can include medicine, types of food, first aid kits, clothing/shoes, activities and board games, etc. This is a quick way to ensure you don’t have the “I feel like I forgot something” feeling when you are heading out to enjoy your new family adventure.
  3. Free time & run around time.
    Every parent fears the almost inevitable meltdown a child will have when traveling to your destination. To help avoid this, allow for children to have “run around time” during car rides and “free time” when you are at your destination. For run around time, find a park that is on your way to your destination and let your toddler get up, run around, and stretch. We recommend having a nice picnic or lunch during run around time, too. That way you can avoid the mess that comes with eating in the car. Parents also commonly think that children have to be active all day during the vacation. This isn’t true. Allow some free time where they can lay down or take a nap. This will make sure that they are rested for your next activity.
  4. Plan for double the time.
    A gas station trip might take you 5 minutes but with children you should always plan for twice as long. This applies to any stop during your trip. When you go and explore other activities, it's smart to remember that your child is also observing new scenery and taking in the experience. Rushing them to hurry up could result in a tantrum.
  5. Never let your toddler pack
    Instead, let your toddler help pack with you. If they say no to one of their favorite toys or games, bring an extra backpack “just for you” filled with all of the things your toddler said no in that moment. Even if you do not need the item during your vacation, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Minnesota Northwoods Resorts are filled with fun, kid-friendly activities to keep your family busy. With plenty of things to do on and off the resort, you can't go wrong with choosing Minnesota Northwoods for your family's new adventure.

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