Trophy Fishing in Minnesota Northwood Lakes

July 13, 2015

Trophy Fishing in Minnesota Northwood Lakes

Reel in Your Next Trophy Fish in Minnesota Northwoods

If the longer, warmer days have you daydreaming of finally catching that big trophy fish, now is the time to plan a Minnesota fishing trip. With pristine lakes and a variety of species, fishing is one of the most popular activities in the Minnesota Northwoods. Here are some of the top trophy fish you can reel in at our lakes.


Our lakes boast some of the best walleye fishing in Minnesota. The walleye is not only the state fish of Minnesota, but also the most sought-after catch in the state. More than three million walleye are caught in the state each year, averaging 14 inches per fish. Lakes: All Minnesota Northwood lakes

Northern Pike

The northern pike is an easy and worthy catch. Known as a voracious predator, it will willingly latch onto bait. While they usually run 2-3 pounds, 20-pound-plus trophies are reeled in every year. They are also quite tasty, with their chunky white fillets that are often compared to walleye. Lakes: All Minnesota Northwood lakes

Muskellunge (Muskie)

Minnesota muskie fishing doesn’t get much better than this. Muskies, light in color and usually having dark bars running up and down their bodies, are among the largest fish found in our lakes. According to Explore Minnesota, these fish are big (sometimes over 50 pounds!) and widespread thanks to stocking programs and catch-and-release efforts. Lakes: Lake Andrusia, Big Lake, Cass Lake, Kitchi Lake, Three Island Lake

Largemouth Bass

These bass will really test your angler mettle. Strong and scrappy, they are known for their jolting strikes and exciting leaps. They are plentiful in our lakes, so there is no end to the excitement and challenge of bass fishing in Minnesota. Lakes: All Minnesota Northwood lakes

No matter what kind of fish you’re angling for, you’re sure to have a catch to brag about when you get back home from fishing in Minnesota.

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Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

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