October 4, 2019

Fall in the Minnesota Northwoods has a lot to offer. Crisp air, changing leaves, and better fishing are a few things you can look forward to when visiting in September, October, and November (if we’re lucky).

Although the days are becoming shorter, there is still plenty of time in the day to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. As the seasons change, fish patterns change. The water temperatures drop, and the fish begin to move to different areas of the lake.

Fishing in the fall can be even more successful than in the summer, if you know where to find the fish. Fishing over big flats or bars with sharp drop offs will lead you to walleye, and maybe northern pike and perch as well. Perch are usually in schools together, so if you catch one perch, more are sure to follow. Like walleyes, crappies are often found in deeper water.

Anglers who fish the lakes of the Minnesota Northwoods enjoy the reality of landing trophy fish. Our pristine lakes have not been over-fished by the general public.

Plan your last-minute fall fishing trip to the Minnesota Northwoods and get out on the water one more time before winter hits.

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