Hunting Northern MN

Relaxing along the lakeshore is all fine and dandy. But you’re a hunter so you do your relaxing in the woods while scaring up grouse. Instead of sinking your toes into the sand, you’re scanning the shoreline and horizon for waterfowl.

The Minnesota Northwoods and lakes are a hunter’s paradise in the fall. You just need to know where to look, and our resort owners have got you covered.

Hunting in MN Northwoods

There are many benefits to planning a trip to the Minnesota Northwoods in the fall. The crowds have usually thinned out by the end of summer and your chances of reserving something last-minute are much more likely. The beautiful fall foliage is beginning to emerge and many of our resorts offer rate discounts come September when most popular hunting openers begin.

The Minnesota Northwoods are brimming with wildlife in our abundant state forests, Chippewa National forest, state wildlife management areas and federal waterfowl protection areas. Check out our Minnesota Northwoods hunting page for helpful resources including species openers, zones, licenses required, and more!

Chippewa Hunting Trails

The hunting trails in Minnesota Northwoods are thick with ruffed grouse, whitetail deer, waterfowl and much more in the fall! Our friendly and knowledgeable Minnesota resort owners are happy to fill you in on their best kept secrets regarding trails, plots and hot spots as well as hunting tips specific to our neck of the woods. They can even recommend a good taxidermist if you end up shooting a trophy.

You can also check out the DNR’s handy hunter walking trail finder tool here! Select Beltrami or Cass County for areas close to our Minnesota Northwoods Resorts.

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